NSS Pre-Vet Society: Riding with an Equine Veterinarian

Yesterday the Pre-Vet Society had the pleasure of shadowing our own Dr. Witters’ daughter, Dr. Molly Witters. Dr. Witters is a veterinarian who works for an ambulatory equine practice based in Middlebury, VT and sees patients up to two hours away.

Our day started with heading up to Middlebury to meet Dr. Witters and ride with her to her first appointment. Equine veterinarians usually have to travel to their patients, so much of their days may be spent driving from call to call. Our first call was a barn with two horses that needed treatment. Springtime is the time for routine veterinary care for horses (vaccines, dental work, etc.). The next call was a barn with three horses that needed vaccines and teeth filing (called floating). Horses are vaccinated similarly to dogs, with rabies and Lyme disease being common vaccines, with a few horse-specific additions. Our last call of the day was a five-horse visit for vaccines.

Along the way we were able to watch Dr. Witters do her billing—a very different process in an ambulatory practice than in a clinic—and interact with some of her colleagues. We also asked her questions about her experience in vet school and as a new graduate, as well as what her life is like as a veterinarian now.

It was a great experience for some non-horse-savvy students and our new equine friends!