On Sunday May 13th, Dr. Timothy Ryken, chief of Neurosurgery at the DHMC, and Dr. David Bauer, a pediatric neurosurgeon at the DHMC, came to talk to students about their unique paths towards medicine. Dr. Ryken began with many of the difficulties he faced, including how exclusive becoming a specialist was at the time. If one did not know about a specialty and seek it out, often by already having connections, many opportunities would go unnoticed. With his daughter going through medical school at the moment, he spoke to how this has improved a bit. Dr. Bauer emphasized the importance of knowing what you want as early as possible to ensure that you have enough time to properly prepare for applying to a specialty like neurosurgery. He also spoke of the difficulties within his subspecialty, pediatric neurosurgery. He explained how even though the number of neurosurgeons in the US is quite low, the presence of only about 125 pediatric neurosurgeons in the US is even more problematic. Because of the low amount of neurosurgeons, pediatric or otherwise, the schedule is often incredibly busy and quite stressful. They spoke of the struggle to balance research and surgery in terms of money and self-satisfaction. Both doctors assured everyone that despite its difficulty, it is manageable.