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The Bill of Rights: 2004

The History and Importance of The Bill of Rights — June 30

  • Ira Glasser, Former Executive Director, ACLU

Privacy Rights, Abortion and Roe v. Wade — July 7

  • Frank Susman, St. Louis attorney, Argued Cases Leading Up to Roe v. Wade

Equal Protection and Affirmative Action — July 14

  • Robert Donin, General Counsel, Dartmouth College

Freedom of Speech and Assembly — July 21

  • Joan Bertin, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Censorship

The Establishment Clause: Separation of Church and State — July 28

  • Stephen Rohde, Constitutional Lawyer, Southern California

Due Process, Rights of the Accused, Miranda and The Patriot Act — August 4

  • Claire Ebel, Executive Director NH ACLU
  • Mark Howard, US Attorney, NH

The Bill of Rights Under the Rehnquist Court — August 11

  • Lyle Denniston, Supreme Court Reporter, Boston Globe

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