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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
10 Hilton Field Road
Hanover, NH
Phone: (603) 646-0154
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Fall Term 2014

If you participated in a Fall 2014 course and did not have a chance to complete a response form for that course, please click on the link below to complete an online version of that form. If you prefer to complete a paper copy, please contact the OSHER@Dartmouth office to receive a form.

Click here to complete an online Course Response form.


Click on the image below to view the interactive version of our catalog.

Fall 2014 Catalog

Notes RE: Online Catalog

This is an interactive file; the Table of Contents contains links to each course. Clicking on a course title will take you directly to the description of that course, and navigation buttons appear at the top of most of the interior pages. Applications are located on pages 57 and 59 of the catalog; they are intended only for use as printed pieces to be completed by hand and mailed to the office. For online registration, click on the 'Register Now!' button above.

Course Materials

The OSHER@Dartmouth supplies course materials, in the form of "Welcome Packets", to all registered participants prior to their first class. These materials can be sent either through the U.S. Mail or via e-mail; each member should notify the office of their preference when they submit registration for the term.

Click the icon below to view our manual on using Google Drive, and please refer to the following FAQ if you have questions about online materials. Below the FAQ, we have a series of video tutorials that we hope will help you as you utilize your online course folder. 

Google Drive

Google Drive FAQ - Fall 2014

1. Question: When will I receive my course materials?
Answer: Course materials began e-mailing the week of September 1st. Please remember that e-mails regarding your course(s) are sometimes directed automatically to your Junk or Spam folder; don't forget to check there periodically to make sure you're not missing anything from us! Mailed packets should begin arriving during the week of September 8th - please allow a few days for your packet(s) to arrive.

2. Question: HOW will I receive my course materials?
Answer: Our office provides course materials via e-mail or through the post. If you have indicated 'postal' as your preference for materials (either on the course application form or by communicating that preference to the office), you will receive your packet by mail, EVEN IF WE'VE ALSO SENT YOU A COPY BY E-MAIL. Otherwise, you should receive your materials at the e-mail address we have on file under your name.

3. Question: I received the e-mail, but I'm not seeing my study leader's letter or syllabus in the message, just the note from the OSHER@Dartmouth office. Where is my course info?
Answer: If you received your welcome letter via e-mail, it contains a link to the online folder for your course. That online folder is where you'll find the welcome packet, roster, and any other materials your study leader has provided. The link to the folder usually appears as an underlined, bright blue line of text near the center of the e-mail message. You need to do the following to open that link:
a. Click once on the link (the underlined section of text).
b. A page will open in your internet browser, displaying the welcome packet for your course, your course roster, and any additional materials your study leader has provided. PLEASE NOTE: Ignore the blue 'Sign In' button at the top right of the screen - it isn't necessary to sign in.
c. Click once on any of the documents you see to read them on your screen.

We strongly suggest that you either save your e-mail message or bookmark the page once you've arrived so that you can visit the folder again as the term progresses.

4. Question: I'm clicking the link, but nothing happens.
Answer: Some computers may require you to hold the 'Ctrl' button ('Command' button on a Mac) as you click on the link in order for it to open. If you try this and it still won't open, you may need to do the following:
a. Select the link by clicking and holding your mouse button just before the start of the underlined text, then move your cursor to the end of the underlined text. You can then release the mouse button. This should highlight the link.
b. Press 'Ctrl' and the 'c' key at the same time to copy the highlighted text. (Command-C for Mac users.)
c. Open your browser. (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)
d. Find the address bar at the top of the screen and click once in the white space. (Make sure you are working with the address bar, and not with a search box!)
e. Clear all of the text by hitting 'Backspace' or 'Delete', then press 'Ctrl' and 'v' to paste the link into your address bar. (Command-V on a Mac.) When the text appears, hit 'Enter' or 'Return'. Your course documents should now appear on your screen.

5. Question: Do I need a password?/Do I have to sign in?/Do I have to have a Google account to view my course materials?
Answer: No, you do not. Although you may see a 'Sign In' button at the top of your screen when you visit your course folder, you can ignore it.

6. Question: The folder just shows little tiny pictures - I can't read these documents!
Answer: When you first arrive at your course folder, you'll see what are called 'thumbnail' images of the course documents. These are miniatures snapshots of the actual documents, not the documents themselves. When you want to view the document, select the thumbnail image and click on it once. The document should then open in Preview mode on your screen.

7. Question: How do I print the online documents on my home computer?
Answer: You cannot use your computer's standard 'Print' command to print the online documents. (You'll only get a snapshot version of what you are seeing on your screen.) In order to print the entire document, you must open it in 'Preview' mode as mentioned above (see Question #6), then look for a series of four black-and-white buttons that will appear at the lower right of your screen. The button furthest to the right (next to the magnifying glasses with plus and minus signs) is your Print button. Click on it once, and it should open the print dialogue for your computer.

NOTE REGARDING PRINTING YOUR WELCOME PACKET AND COURSE ROSTER: If you are having trouble printing your welcome packet and/or roster, make sure you have opened the document in Preview mode, and that you are selecting the Print icon near the top center of the Preview screen - DO NOT USE YOUR BROWSER'S PRINT COMMAND, as this will only print the content appearing on your screen, not the entire document. The 5th session of our video tutorial series (scroll down to view) provides a visual guide to this process. 

8. Question: I don't want to deal with online material/I'm having too much trouble accessing online material. Can't I just get a printed copy?
Answer: Our office is happy to provide printed course material upon request - please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice! Remember that welcome packets and rosters are considered standard course material, but that printed copies of reading packets or hand-outs may incur a cost.

9. Question: If my course requires a textbook or my study leader is supplying a reading packet, where do I pick it up?
Answer: Check your welcome packet for specific information on textbooks or reading packets. The OSHER@Dartmouth office does indeed have packets and/or textbooks ready for pick-up for certain courses (ex: Great Decisions 2014), and that information should be included in your welcome packet. For most textbooks you will need to visit either the Dartmouth or Norwich Bookstores or go online to purchase books for your course.

NOTE: Many of our members have reported problems accessing Google Drive when using Internet Explorer as their internet browser (the application that allows you to surf the web). Some Mac users have reported problems when using their Safari browser. For best results, we recommend that you download either Google's Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox. Both are free applications and take just a few minutes to download and install.

Video Tutorial Series: Accessing Your Online Course Folder

Session 1: What You Need To Get Started

Click on the image above to view the tutorial, or visit this link to view the video via YouTube:

Session 2: Opening Your Course Folder

Click on the image above to view the tutorial, or visit this link to view the video via YouTube:

Session 3: Creating A Bookmark

Click on the image above to view the tutorial, or visit this link to view the video via YouTube:

Session 4: Navigating Your Course Folder

Click on the image above to view the tutorial, or visit this link to view the video via YouTube:

Session 5: Printing and Downloading

Click on the image above to view the tutorial, or visit this link to view the video via YouTube:


When we provide the link to a course packet, most computers and browsers will be able to access the file easily, because many computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed. If you find you are having trouble viewing an item in Drive, it may be because your computer does not have Reader. This is a free application, and very easy to install on your computer. Visit Adobe's website by clicking the logo below. If you are still experiencing problems viewing files on Drive after downloading Reader, contact our office for help.

Adobe Acrobat Reader



   The Osher Institute class 2012GSM class 2012Class 2012

Course Locations

OSHER@Dartmouth courses take place at a wide variety of locations around the Upper Valley. The following list contains basic information about the locations currently hosting our courses away from our main DOC House site.

AVA Gallery

11 Bank St., Lebanon, NH, 03766. Phone: 603-448-3117

Located on Mechanic Street in Lebanon, participants in courses held at this location are usually supplied with pin-pad access to the classroom entrance, located to the left of the gallery entrance.

AVA Gallery Map


Church of Christ

40 College St., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-643-3150

Located in close proximity to the Hanover green, the church has approximately 20 parking spaces available within its lot. Visitors may need to utilize metered spaces along Wheelock Street.

Church of Christ Map


D.O.C. House

10 Hilton Field Road, Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-646-0154

The heart of the Osher@Dartmouth program; classes, celebrations, special events, and more take place throughout the year in this building, which is located on the northern end of Occom Pond. The Osher@Dartmouth offices are located on the second floor of this building.

D.O.C. House Map

UPDATE: As of August 2013, there are parking changes in effect for the DOC House site. Please click on the link below to view the full description of the changes.

2013 DOC House Parking Guidelines


The Greens at Hanover

53 Lyme Rd., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-643-5512

The Greens at Hanover are located just outside of Hanover on Route 10, also known as Lyme Road.

The Greens Location and Map


Hanover Senior Center

48 Lebanon St., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-643-5315

Located at the intersection of two of Hanover's most well-traveled streets, the Senior Center has a limited number of parking spaces. Visitors to the center should be prepared to find parking in paid sites along Lebanon Street. There may be an opportunity to obtain a parking pass for the nearby Thompson Arena lot; check with the Osher@Dartmouth office for more information.

Hanover Senior Center Map


Harvest Hill

121 Mascoma St., Lebanon, NH, 03766. Phone: 603-448-7458

Harvest Hill is located just behind the main campus of Alice Peck Day Hospital, just off Mascoma Street in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Harvest Hill Map


Hood Museum

4 East Wheelock St., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-646-1110

Hood Museum is located in the heart of Hanover. The museum faces the town common, where a limited number of metered parking spaces are available. Visitors may also park along Wheelock Street, Lebanon Street, or in the public parking garage located just off Lebanon Street.

Hood Museum Map


Kendal at Hanover

80 Lyme Rd., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-643-8900

A retirement community located just outside of Hanover, on the route to Lyme. Visitor parking is located near the main entrance; a reception desk is located just inside the front doors should you require assistance.

Kendal at Hanover Map


Kilton Library

80 Main St., West Lebanon, NH, 03784. Phone: 603-298-8544

Lebanon's newest public library, located on Main St. in West Lebanon. Parking is at the rear of the building.

Kilton Library Map


Lebanon College

15 Hanover St., Lebanon, NH, 03766. Phone: 603-448-3871

Lebanon College has offered a wide range of courses and certification in specific career-oriented programs for more than fifty years. The college occupies a stretch of buildings along the pedestrian mall in the heart of Lebanon. Parking lots are located at either end of the mall, with a larger public lot just behind the main college building.

Lebanon College Map


Lebanon Co-op

12 Centerra Parkway, Lebanon, NH, 03766. Phone: 603-643-4889

The Lebanon Co-op is located in the Centerra Marketplace on Route 120 in Lebanon, NH. Plenty of parking is available in the lots surrounding the building.

Lebanon Co-op Map


Miller Arts Building

72 Gates St., White River Junction, VT, 05001. Phone: 802-291-9009

Northern Stage's offices are now located on Gates St. in White River Junction, just a short distance from Briggs Opera House. An ample parking lot is adjacent to the building.

Miller Arts Building Google Map


Montshire Museum

One Montshire Road, Norwich, VT, 05055. Phone: 802-649-2200

The Montshire Museum is located next to the Connecticut River, between Hanover, NH and Norwich, VT. An ample parking lot is adjacent to the building.

Monsthire Museum Map


Moore Hall

Maynard St., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-646-0154

Moore Hall is located on Maynard Street, north of Baker Library. There are several metered parking spaces along Maynard Street, as well as along North Main Street as one drives away from the town common. You can locate Moore Hall by performing a search for 'Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences' in Hanover, NH.

Moore Hall Google Map


Roth Center

5 Occom Ridge, Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-646-0154 (Phone is to OSHER@Dartmouth office.)

The Roth Center for Jewish Life was established on the Dartmouth campus as a home base for the Upper Valley Jewish Community and the Dartmouth Hillel. They generously permit OSHER@Dartmouth to use classroom space from time to time. A small parking lot is adjacent to the building.

Roth Center (Dartmouth Campus Map)


St. Thomas Church

9 West Wheelock St., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-643-4155

Located west of the town common, St. Thomas is within easy distance of several metered parking spaces along Wheelock, while metered parking lots are available a block south of the Church, near the shops along South Main Street.

St. Thomas Church Map


Valley Terrace

2820 Christian St., White River Junction, VT, 05001. Phone: 802-280-1910

This retirement community is located just off Route 5 in White River Junction.

Valley Terrace Map



6565 Woodstock Rd., Quechee, VT, 05059. Phone: 802-359-5000

The Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a non-profit environmental education, research, and avian rehabilitation organization. There is ample parking at this facility.



Wheelock Terrace

32 Buck Rd., Hanover, NH, 03755. Phone: 603-643-7290

This retirement community is located just off Route 120 in Hanover, north of DHMC.

Wheelock Terrace Map


Wilder Center

2087 Hartford Ave., Wilder, VT, 05088. Phone: 802-698-8368

A former church that has been lovingly renovated into a community center, Wilder Center is located at the heart of the village of Wilder. Limited parking is available behind the building, with additional parking available in the Datamann lot, located approximately one block south.

Wilder Center Map


The Woodlands

30 Alice Peck Day Drive, Lebanon, NH, 03766. Phone: 603-448-7416

This retirement community is located behind Alice Peck Day Hospital in Lebanon. Parking spaces are available near most of the program locations on the Woodlands campus.

The Woodlands


Ikebana at QuecheeClass2012 Class

Catalog Archive

For a list of past catalogs, see Catalog Archives.

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