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Student Jobs

DDS has many employment opportunities for students, with shifts available to fit nearly any schedule.  For more information, please contact Admin HR Services by e-mail, or stop by her office on the lower level of '53 Commons.

Application Process

Fill out this application and return it to the Admin HR Office in the lower level of the Class of 1953 Commons

Wages: New Employees Have Two Options!

  1. Associate I: 6 - 9 Hrs./Week @ $11.00/hr.
  2. Associate II: 10+ hrs./Week $12.00/hr.*
  3. Dishroom: $13.00/hr

Full Student Wage Structure


  • Raises and opportunities for promotions every term.
  • Tons of extra cash to be made catering during your breaks.
  • Full-time job opportunities during your off terms.

Last Updated: 9/14/17