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Student Jobs

DDS has many employment opportunities for students, with shifts available to fit nearly any schedule.  For more information, please contact Kelly Mousley by e-mail, or stop by her office on the lower level of '53 Commons.

Application Process

Please fill complete the following forms steps in order to start the employment process!!!

  1. Complete a Student Profile form.
  2. Complete a Student Agreement form.
  3. Complete a Preference Sheet.
  4. Complete a Student Employee Addendum form.
  5. Return all four forms to Kelly Mousley. Kelly is located in the lower level of '53 Commons.

Wages: New Employees Have Two Options!

  1. Associate I: 6 - 9 Hrs./Week @ $10.00/hr.
  2. Associate II: 10+ hrs./Week $11.00/hr.*

Full Student Wage Structure


  • Raises and opportunities for promotions every term.
  • Tons of extra cash to be made catering during your breaks.
  • Full-time job opportunities during your off terms.

Last Updated: 5/18/15