Help Page

The Dartmouth Digital Orozco site displays Dartmouth's Orozco murals, together with over 200 supplementary images.

The murals consist of 24 panels, spanning the west, north, and east sides of the Orozco room, and part of the south side. For the most part, the panels flow together to form a continuous panorama, but in a few locations the flow is interrupted by structural features of the room. For authenticity, those interruptions are visible in this online display.

Several of the panels are painted above doorways. Depending on how the mural display fits in your browser window, you may have to pan up to see those panels.

This Help page explains how to navigate the murals and the supplementary images.

Panning with buttons

Click or tap the pointed buttons to pan right, left, down, or up.

Panning by dragging

Drag the displayed image in any direction by holding the mouse down on the image and moving the mouse. On touch devices, drag with one finger.

Zooming with buttons

Click or tap the or buttons to zoom in or out.

Filling the lightbox

Click or tap anywhere on the murals to fill the lightbox with images related to the current panel. A small balloon will appear identifying the panel; after a couple of seconds, the balloon will fade away.

Scrolling the lightbox

For some panels, there may be several lines of thumbnails in the lightbox. To scroll the lightbox contents up and down, click or tap the and arrows at the left-hand edge of the lightbox.

(Alternatively, drag the scroll bar at the right-hand edge of the lightbox, or use a scrolling gesture.)

Closing supplementary images

Click or tap the button to close a supplementary image and return to the mural display.

Overlaying images

Click or tap the button to overlay a supplementary image on top of the corresponding portion of the mural.

(Not all images have this capability. Those that do appear in the lightbox with a blue border. See also Displaying supplementary images.)

Adjusting transparency

When an image is overlaid on the mural (see Overlaying images), drag the knob leftward to make the overlay semi-transparent so that the mural becomes visible behind it. Drag the knob rightward to restore the overlay's opaqueness.

Displaying catalog information

Click or tap the button to display a pop-up box with catalog information about the current supplementary image. (See also Displaying supplementary images.)

To close the pop-up, click or tap the in its upper right-hand corner.