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Campaign Visibility Area Guidelines

The intent of the Campaign Visibility Area (CVA) is to provide campaigns and other groups with an area to express their free speech rights. It is important to remember, however, that while we want to allow this opportunity, safety is our number one concern. Many, if not all, of the rules outlined below are designed to ensure safety of all CVA participants. It should also be noted that Dartmouth College is located within a residential area of Hanover and the debate takes place from 8-10 PM.

The CVA will be on the southwest corner of the Dartmouth Green, which is located at the corner of N. Main Street and E. Wheelock Street. It will include all groups and campaigns wishing to express their free speech rights.

The CVA Vicinity – No signs outside the CVA on Dartmouth property
The CVA is the only area on the campus and in the vicinity of the debate where visibility and signs will be permitted. Groups forming on other areas of campus will be escorted off the property. Groups forming on city streets or other public areas may be asked to leave by the Hanover Police Department. This will also include any signs placed outside the CVA. There is a strict NO SIGNS ON DARTMOUTH PROPERTY policy on campus. This includes signs and banners on buildings.

The CVA will open on Tuesday, October 11, at 4 PM. It will be open to foot traffic ONLY (this means no vehicles will be permitted on the Green at any time). Dartmouth Safety and Security staff will be on hand to enforce this rule.  

Dartmouth Safety and Security staff and local law enforcement worked with Debate organizers on selecting this site and will be present in the area and  primarily responsible for enforcing the rules for everyone. However, Dartmouth College is expecting each campaign to assist with the enforcement of these rules within their own campaign. 

Parking is very, very limited in Hanover. People wishing to take part in campaign visibility will not have designated parking on campus and should plan to park on the street if they find it or consider shuttling supporters to the site.  There is NO BUS PARKING anywhere near the Green – strictly drop off only.

NO BUSES will be allowed to park on the Green or on Dartmouth properties. Please do not bring buses. Buses can be used only to drop off and pick up supporters who are coming to the CVA.

General Rules

  • NOTHING may be pounded into the ground of the Green
  • The only signs allowed in the CVA are lawn signs/placards
  • NO 4’x 8’ signs are allowed
  • Signs on sticks will be permitted, BUT sticks should be no longer than three feet.
  • No motorized vehicles
  • No scissor lifts
  • No bands (marching or otherwise)
  • No megaphones
  • No noisemakers
  • No amplified noise of any kind
  • Balloons are permitted
  • Homemade signs are permitted
  • T-shirts and stickers are permitted
  • Sandwich boards are permitted
  • No weapons
  • No fireworks
  • No animals
  • No grills for tailgating 
  • No alcohol
  • No lights – no electricity
  • No glass containers
  • Bottled water – no large containers

Other Notes
Anyone violating any of the above rules, or engaging in any disruptive behavior, can and will be asked to leave the CVA.  Any of the above rules can be altered at any point before or during the debate due to safety or other concerns. Any changes made to these rules will be communicated to the management of each campaign with as much notice as possible. Dartmouth Safety and Security has the ultimate authority on what is permitted.

Please note that fall evenings in New England can be very cold. Please tell your staff and volunteers to plan accordingly. Campaigns should bring water for their own staff.

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Last updated: 09/22/11