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The $300 House$300 Houses
Vijay Govindarajan, an international business professor with Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, is leading an effort to develop houses that cost just $300. A contest to find the best designs concluded in June; next, the $300 House Project hopes to build a model village in Haiti. Learn more.

Neural phoneFrom smart phones to neural phones
Is it possible to use a cell phone without ever touching it? Professor Andrew Campbell and his team are setting out to do just that with their neural phone device, which allows users wearing wireless headsets to dial smart phones with their minds. Learn more.

William KamkwambaThe Boy Who Harnessed the Wind:
William Kamkwamba, author of The New York Times bestseller The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, enrolled at Dartmouth last fall. Kamkwamba earned worldwide fame when, at age 14, he built a windmill to power his family’s Malawi home using blue gum trees, a broken bicycle and an instructional book he borrowed from the library. Learn more.

Michael CaseyMusic to Google’s ears
Dartmouth’s Departments of Music and Computer Science are working with Google Labs to teach machines to listen. With a Faculty Research Award from Google, Professor Michael Casey is leading the effort to create a system that can search songs by rhythm and sound. Learn more.

Big Green BusBig Green Bus
For seven years now, Dartmouth students have spent their summers travelling the country on a bus powered by vegetable oil to promote alternative fuel and sustainable living. The 2011 tour included 13 students, 33 states and 66 public events. Learn more.

Ashif GogoIdentifying counterfeit drugs
As a PhD student at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering, Ashifi Gogo developed a text-messaging system that allows users to confirm the authenticity of a product before they buy. Today, that technology is at the heart of Sproxil Inc., a rapidly expanding company headed by Gogo. Sproxil is dedicated to helping users identify dangerous counterfeit medicines, which are rampant in much of the developing world. Learn more.

Hannah KearneyTwo-time Olympian, first-year student
Olympic gold-medalist in freestyle mogul skiing Hannah Kearney is a member of Dartmouth’s Class of 2015. She’s taking advantage of the College’s year-round schedule to take courses primarily in the spring and summer, when she’s not training for the 2014 Olympics. Learn more.

Dartmouth AtlasDartmouth Atlas
The Dartmouth Atlas Project uses Medicare data to document variations in how medical resources are distributed and used across the country. This research has helped policymakers, the media and health care analysts better understand the U.S. health care system—including recent findings regarding hospital readmission rates. Learn more.

Andrew GarrodHealing post-war divisions through theater
This summer, Professor Andrew Garrod and a team of Dartmouth graduates travelled to Bosnia to help ease tensions between Muslims and Catholics more than a decade after the country’s civil war. Their method? Theater. The team directed young Bosnian actors in a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a story about revenge and forgiveness. Professor Garrod specializes in adolescent adaptation to postwar conditions and has studied the Bosnia conflict since 1999. Learn more.

Each year, before school even begins, Big Green students get to know each other on five-day nature outings known affectionately as “Trips.” This year, 97 percent of first-year students went on Trips, which are each based on a theme ranging from farm living to kayaking, nature photography and beyond. Dartmouth pioneered the concept in 1935, and since then the model has been replicated at other campuses nationwide. Learn more.

Pow-WowThe Dartmouth Pow-Wow
Dartmouth’s commitment to Native American education dates back to 1769, when it was founded "for the education and instruction of youth of the Indian tribes ... and also of English youth and any others." Nearly 700 Native Americans from more than 200 tribes have attended the College. To celebrate this history, Dartmouth hosts an annual Pow-Wow that attracts 1,500 people from across the country to participate in Native American dances, music, and arts and crafts. Learn more.

Ross VirginiaVirginia Valley
Dartmouth’s Institute of Arctic Studies is a leader in polar research, with students and professors conducting ground-breaking work in Greenland, Antarctica and beyond. In fact, Antarctica’s Virginia Valley is named after Institute Director Ross Virginia, also the Myers Family Professor of Environmental Science. Learn more.

FootballConcussion research
Researchers from Dartmouth Medical School and Thayer School of Engineering are working with a local research and product development company to explore sports-related concussions, thanks to a $1.3-million grant from the National Operating Committee on Standards in Athletic Equipment. Dartmouth also worked on a recent study that showed running backs to be the hardest-hit and linemen the most-frequently-hit members of football teams. Learn more.

Four recent Darmouth graduates have set out to make training wheels obsolete. Nathan Sigworth, Augusta Niles, Deborah Sperling and Hannah Murnen invented the Gyrowheel while studying engineering at Dartmouth; it’s an upgraded bicycle wheel that automatically centers itself under its rider’s weight. Their company, Gyrobike, has had tremendous success with children’s models and plans to move into the adult market soon. Learn more.

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Last updated: 10/10/11