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Dartmouth Network Information for Press

Welcome to Dartmouth and the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate. The information below will help you in connecting to Dartmouth's Wireless Network and in using Dartmouth's IP telephone system. If you need technical support, dial the number listed below; if you need immediate assistance, a member of Dartmouth's Public Affairs staff can identify Network Technicians who will be on-site during the debate.

Dartmouth Web site:
Helpdesk Phone Number:
  • From a campus phone dial: 6-3000
  • From all other phones dial: 603-646-3000
Telephone Dialing Instructions:
  • Dial "8" to make a local outside calls.
  • Dial "8 + 1" to make a long distance call.
  • International calling is not allowed, please use a calling card.
  • Calling inside campus, dial "6" and the extension number. Ex: 6-3000.
Attaching to the Wired Network:
  • To use the wired network an Ethernet patch cable will be required.
  • The campus wired network uses DHCP to provide network addresses.
  • Make sure in your computers network control panel you are set to use DHCP.
  • Wired network ports are available on the back of Cisco VoIP telephones.
Attaching to the Wireless Network:
  • There are two SSID's that provide open access. The two SSID's  provide unauthenticated access to the campus wireless network. Equivalent services and bandwidth are provided by each SSID.
  • SSID's to use for wireless: Kiewit Wireless; Dartmouth Public

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Last updated: 09/05/11