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Hosting Support

Hosting Services

We provide the tools, services, and support necessary for members of the Dartmouth community to create and maintain their websites. Services include:

  • Search engine
  • Web usage statistics
  • Web account creation and support
  • Access information for accounts on the central web hosting servers (including
  • Password changing and resets (OmniUpdate*, central web hosting accounts)
  • OmniUpdate access level changes*
  • Moving/deleting/renaming files*
  • Integration with OmniUpdate*
  • Media streaming (QuickTime) and large file download accounts
  • Central FileMaker Pro database hosting for departments
  • BlitzMail Bulletin topic system administration

Please note: * Items are only for clients using OmniUpdate, not the general Dartmouth community.

Web Hosting at Dartmouth

Any member of the Dartmouth community — including any College-recognized organization, department, or program — can request and receive a web account on Once the account is approved, you can create web pages and upload them to your account so they can be seen by the world!

For information on applying for a website account and accessing and developing your website, see Web Accounts at Dartmouth.

Account Creation and Support

To apply for a web account, see Web Accounts System Login. You can then create your web pages and upload them to your account so they can be seen on the world wide web.

For more information on web accounts at Dartmouth, see Web Accounts at Dartmouth. If you have questions, please contact

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Password Resets

OmniUpdate Account

OmniUpdate user names and passwords are based on your Dartmouth e-mail user name and password. Your user name would be the same except you would use underscores instead of spaces. (e.g. "John_A_Doe" rather than" John A. Doe"). Your user name cannot be your nickname; it must be your full name.

Central Web Hosting Account

If you need to have your password reset, go to Web Accounts System Login, where once logged in, you can change the password of your account.

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If you have questions regarding hosting support/services, please contact

Last Updated: 2/21/13