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Video for the Web Tips

For more information, see the Dartmouth YouTube Channel website.

Why the YouTube Channel?

  • You can upload long videos (10+ minutes)
  • It's visibility for Dartmouth
  • Gives a cohesive presentation

Where to Put Your Video

  • Dartmouth YouTube Channel

Only the Office of Public Affairs, the Jones Media Center, and the Media Production Group have access to the YouTube channel.

Who Produced Your Video?

  • If the Media Production group produced the video, contact Mike Murray; he will upload it for you.

Do You Have the Necessary Release Forms Signed?

  • Dartmouth requires certain release forms for videos to be posted on the web.
  • Read the guidelines to see if your video qualities.

Things to Consider about Your Video

  • How long is your video?
  • How good is the quality? The higher the better!!

What Format Is It? QuickTime, Windows Media?

  • The format doesn't matter; see the list of quality requirements below.

Minimum Requirements

For video specifications, please review Guidelines for Submitting Content to Dartmouth's YouTube Channel (PDF).

How to Get Your Video on Your Website

  • Select/create the page that will host the video in OmniUpdate.
  • Once the video is posted to YouTube, go to the video on YouTube, from the Embed window, grab the "code" and paste it into the page where the video will reside.

OmniUpdate Support

If you are looking for OmniUpdate support, you might tap into the following resources before contacting

Last Updated: 10/1/13