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Helpful Tips and Screencasts for Clients

Helpful Tips


We have created a couple of screencasts that may be helpful to you when using OmniUpdate (you will need the Flash Player Application).

Simplifying the Page Creation Process

We have created three page creation templates in OmniUpdate that will help simplify the process for creating pages and sections on your website.

Section/Folder Creation Process

In this video, you'll learn how to create a new section/folder in your website. You'll see how one template can build the three items you previously built individually (a new folder, section path file, and index.html page).

Page Creation Process

Page Includes an Image and Caption

In this video, you'll learn how to insert an image with a caption. It is simple and easy to do with the new page template.

Page Includes No Image

The New Page template follows the same process as you are accustomed to, so no screencast is needed.

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Last Updated: 2/18/13