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Technology Advice

Purchasing a computer, software, or other piece of technology can be tricky. The Computer Store staff can answer questions about hardware and software that is available at the store or what can be special ordered. They can help you in your own search with tools such as:

  • Specification sheets provided by manufacturers
  • Online information and reviews
  • Macintosh and PC periodicals and catalogs
  • The pre-sales staff’s own personal knowledge

Questions You May be Asked

  • What type of operating system are you using, Macintosh or Windows?
  • What version of the operating system are you currently using?
  • Who is the manufacturer of your computer/device and what is the model name?
  • How many megabytes of RAM does your computer currently have?
  • How many megabytes or gigabytes is your hard drive and how much of that space is available?

Demonstration Area

The Computer Store has a demonstration area where you can try out the latest models and ask more specific questions.

The following products are available for members of the Dartmouth community to evaluate before making a purchase:

  • Lenovo, HP, and Apple Macintosh computers and monitors.
  • Third-party peripherals, such as keyboards, mouse, and trackballs.
  • Third-party removable storage drives.
  • Ink-jet printers for personal purchase.
  • Laser printers for departmental purchase.
  • Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
  • Software supported by Computing Services.

Last Updated: 2/6/13