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X-win32 is an X11 server for Windows XP/Vista/7, for which Dartmouth has a limited number of network licenses. 

  • Version: 120-107sf (2014)
  • File Name: x-win120-107sf.exe
  • File Size: 35 MB
  • File Date: 2015-04-15

Download X-win32

Configuring the network license:

  • Start x-win32: Go to windows/start menu and run x-win32
  • Open the license server window: On the right hand side of the "Taskbar" you will see either an up arrow icon or the x-win32 icon and:Right click x-win32 icon -> Help -> Activate License 
  • Select license type in the "License Activation" window: In the "License Activation" popup window select Activation Key -> License Server"
  • Set the license server in the "License Activation" popup window: In the Hostname field enter the licnese server name and then  click OK

Last Updated: 1/9/15