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OpenAFS for Windows

OpenAFS client is required for Windows systems to directly access the Dartmouth Research Data Storage system (RStor).

Once installed, the Windows user can authenticate to OpenAFS and then use the RStor space as a network share, either directly by UNC path, saved shortcuts to locations in AFS, or by using drive letter mappings to locations in AFS

Select the appropriate installer for your version of Windows from the following download site. We have tested all of these installers and noted any issues.   We recommend v1.6.1 for Windows XP, and v1.7.latest for Windows Vista and 7.  If multiple versions are listed, use the higher-numbered version unless you have a specific reason to need the older one.  New versions are added to this list as they are released, and after Computing Services has tested them locally.

For the 1.7.x release you MUST choose Custom Setup when installing, and select the Authentication for AFS optional feature.

Older versions, or occasionally newer versions, may be downloaded directly from

To obtain an account and storage allocation on RStor, see Accounts for Researchers (open to anyone at Dartmouth)

Last Updated: 11/14/13