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GreenPrint for Windows

GreenPrint is Dartmouth's public printing system. It is available to all students, faculty, and staff in academic departments, and to members of the general public who purchase a value-added card. Printers are located at convenient locations around campus. GreenPrint software (Pharos) must be installed on your computer before you can use this system.

Download GreenPrint

  • Version: 8.3
  • File Name:
  • File Size: 12 MB
  • File Date: December 5, 2012

Download GreenPrint for Windows 64Bit  (authentication required)

  • Version: 8.3
  • File Name:
  • File Size: 12 MB
  • File Date: December 5, 2012

Download GreenPrint for Windows 32Bit  (authentication required)

Install GreenPrint

  1. Double-click the GreenPrintWizard.exe file you downloaded above. If you are installing this on a Windows Vista or 7 computer, you need to right click the installer and chose "Run as administrator".
  2. If a Security Warning window appears, click Run.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter your Dartmouth NetID or user name and password in the appropriate fields then click Next. This is the same user name and password you use to log into your Dartmouth e-mail account.
  5. Once the installation finishes, click Finish.

Using GreenPrint

Once the software is installed, select "GreenPrint" from the list of printers on your computer. You will be asked for your Dartmouth NetID or user name, password, and a name for the print job. Your print job will be held in the print queue until you go to one of the GreenPrint Release Station Locations (Printers) (follow the link below to see the various locations on campus) and release your job. Enter your Dartmouth NetID or user name and password at the GreenPrint Release Station and select your print job from the list. Your job will be printed on the printer connected to that GreenPrint Release Station.

IMPORTANT: The first time you use the GreenPrint system you are REQUIRED to swipe your ID through the card reader to activate your GreenPrint account. Logging in with your username and password the first time will give you an error that a number is not associated with your card. If you get this error, simply log in by swiping your Dartmouth ID card. After the first time of logging into a GreenPrint printer you can use either your ID or your username and password.

Note: If the computer you are using to print to GreenPrint is not connected to the Dartmouth network (e.g. via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly on Dartmouth Secure or Dartmouth Library Public) then you need to start a VPN connection prior to printing to GreenPrint. See Using the Juniper VPN for additional information.

Note: After the GreenPrint software is installed on your computer, when you select to print a file to the GreenPrint system, the software will automatically look for updates. A box will pop up on your computer showing that it is looking for "Pharos updates". This will occur once every 24-hours. 

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Last Updated: 12/5/12