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FTP is an acronym for "file transfer protocol" and is the software protocol that allows your computer to transfer files to another computer.

It is important to note that the version of Absolute FTP that Dartmouth has licensed does not allow for secure FTP connections. If you are trying to transfer files to another computer that requires secure FTP connections, you will need to use SSH Secure Shell. Dartmouth's main Web server ( requires secure FTP connections so you will NOT be able to use Absolute FTP to upload files to Web sites located on that server.

AbsoluteFTP runs on a computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista; it is analogous to the application called Fetch that is used on the Macintosh.

At Dartmouth, AbsoluteFTP supports a variety of file transfer activities between computers and servers that allow FTP connections. You can use it to: download reports and other files from Hickory, and transfer files anonymously to and from an FTP server.

If you need help with AbsoluteFTP please contact the IT Call Center at 646-2999, or send e-mail to

Last Updated: 8/19/10