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Download and Install AbsoluteFTP

AbsoluteFTP is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program for which Dartmouth has purchased a site license. If you have any questions regarding licensing information once this program is installed, please contact the IT Call Center at 646-2999, or send e-mail to

Minimum System Requirements

Your Windows-based computer should have the following minimum system requirements:

  • 486-based computer
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

If you have a computer that was obtained through the Dartmouth Computer Assurance Program, your computer meets these minimum system requirements. If you need assistance determining whether your computer meets the requirements, please contact the IT Call Center at 646-2999, or send e-mail to

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Download AbsoluteFTP

  • Version: 2.2.10
  • File Name: AbsoluteFTP.exe
  • File Size: 2.8 MB
  • File Date: July 11, 2006

Download AbsoluteFTP (authentication required)

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Install AbsoluteFTP

  1. Double-click the AbsoluteFTP.exe file on your desktop to open the WinZip Self-Extractor.
  2. Click Browse... and navigate to your Desktop. Click OK then UnZip then OK then Close.
  3. Double-click the aftp2210.exe file to begin the installation.  Accept all the defaults.
  4. Click Finish. The Success! window will appear.
  5. Click OK. The History and Read Me windows will appear.
  6. Read, if desired, then close the History and Read Me windows.
  7. Move the AbsoluteFTP.exe and the aftp2210.exe files from your Windows desktop to the Recycle Bin.

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Registering Your Copy of AbsoluteFTP

The following instructions assume you are running Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista on your computer. If you have a computer that was obtained through the Dartmouth Computer Assurance Program, you should not have to perform this procedure as the software is probably already installed.

  1. Start Up AbsoluteFTP.
    1. Double-click the AbsoluteFTP icon on your desktop or select AbsoluteFTP from the Start menu. A license agreement window will appear. Click the I Agree button.
    2. Click Next three times.
    3. An AbsoluteFTP window will appear containing a Connect window in the foreground and a Local window in the background.
  2. Register Your Copy of AbsoluteFTP. You will need to e-mail to the IT Call Center at prior to completing this process to obtain the correct licensing information.
    1. Close the Connect window. The Local window will become the active window.
    2. In the Local window, select Enter License Data from the Help menu. The License Wizard will appear.
  3. Click the Next button and enter the information you obtained from the IT Call Center. As the information is loaded into the appropriate fields of the License Wizard, a code will appear to the right side of the pasted in information.  Make sure that the code next to the fields on your screen matches the information from the IT Service Desk.
  4. After completing the Issue Date field and clicking Next, a window containing a summary of the registration information you just entered should appear. Note: If the license registration information was entered incorrectly, a dialog window will appear to notify you that you need to make corrections.
  5. Click Back to check and change the data you entered into the License Wizard forms using the bracketed codes to confirm the accuracy of the information. 
  6. Click Next to proceed to the registration summary window when all corrections have been made.
  7. Click Finish. The AbsoluteFTP desktop window will reappear.

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Last Updated: 1/14/13