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Frequently Asked Questions about eTokens

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What Do I Do If My eToken Stops Working or Is Lost?

Your eToken is rugged, but not indestructible. If your eToken should fail or gets lost, you will need to purchase a new eToken from Computer Sales and Service in McNutt Hall.

After you receive your new eToken, the IT Service Desk (Help Desk) or your department's IT support office can personalize it for you. Be sure to bring your Dartmouth I.D. Card or other photograph identification. Once this is done, your new eToken will allow you access to any systems your old eToken did. However, if you encrypted e-mail messages or files with the failed eToken, you may not be able to retrieve them unless you have a backup of the private key from the eToken that failed.

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What Do I Do If I Lost My Password?

If you are a student, you can bring your eToken to the IT Service Desk (Help Desk) in 178J Berry Library.

If you are a faculty or staff member, please contact your department's IT support office. We can reformat your eToken and personalize it for you again with a password that you choose. Once reformatted, you will be able to access any systems you were previously able to access with the eToken, but you will not be able to open any e-mail messages or files you encrypted with your old certificate. If you encrypted files with your old password and you have forgotten that password, those files cannot be unencrypted.

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Why Does My eToken-authenticated VPN Connection Close When I Leave It Open for a Long Time with the eToken Removed?

If you create a VPN connection to Dartmouth's network using an eToken for authentication and then remove the eToken, your VPN session will time out after eight hours. This is because the VPN periodically checks to be sure the eToken is still present to protect the security of your connection and needs to re-authenticate when doing so. If the eToken is not present at this time, then the process fails and your VPN connection terminates. You can remove the eToken for a period of time and still maintain a connection. However, the eToken needs to be inserted when prompted to re-authenticate.

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Last Updated: 11/4/14