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Choosing a Computer Package

Dartmouth recommends that students purchase either Apple or Dell laptops. Before you come to Dartmouth you will need to decide whether to use Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS. Dartmouth offers a number of computer packages and accessories to incoming students. Which one is right for you?

Recommended Models

Dartmouth offers laptop packages from Apple and Dell that we believe represent the best balance between cost and performance. Please Note: All laptop computer packages purchased from The Computer Store have an additional fee of $10 for the software. All students that purchase a computer package from The Computer Store are also entitled to a free loaner when and if your machine needs to come in for repair at our service department. The price does not include any of the additional accessories listed below. We will post packages we offer on the Class of 2019 ordering site at If you want something other than the packages offered please browse the rest of the store.

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A standard software package come with computers purchased through Dartmouth. It includes: System software; Microsoft Office; Symantec EndPoint Protection (Windows 7 and Mac OS X); an FTP client; and web browsers. You will also receive utilities that allow you to use shared network resources, such as public laser printers and file servers, and a list of links to common websites used by Dartmouth students.

Apple systems will be preloaded with Mac OS 10.10.

Windows systems will be preloaded with the Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition or Windows 8.

Dartmouth supports Apple’s Mac OS X, Microsoft's Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8 editions. We do not support  Windows XP. If you have an unsupported operating system, software is available to Dartmouth students from The Computer Store to upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS 10.10 for a low price.

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For students that purchase a computer packages through The Computer Store the following warranties are available: Apple computers come with the option of a three-year AppleCare warranty or a 4 year Safeware Accidental Damage warranty; Dell computers come with an option for a  four-year Accidental Damage Policy. The Apple warranty covers manufacture defects only (not accidental damage); the Dell warranty covers manufacture defects, plus accidental damage. Please note that software-related problems are not covered on any of the systems.

Repairs to Apple computers and the Dell computers can be done on campus by our certified technicians, regardless of whether you purchase the computer through us, through the vendor, or elsewhere. If you bring a personal computer other than from Apple or Dell, you will need to take your computer off campus for warranty service and support.

In rare cases, you may need to take a class that requires the use of software or resources that are not available for the computer you own — either Macintosh or Windows. You can meet the class requirements by using a computer in one of the public computer clusters.

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Should You Buy a Printer?

Dartmouth provides students with an allocation for free printing each term at public printers located around campus - this is our "GreenPrint" system. Once that allocation has been depleted, you will be charged for printing. You may choose to purchase a personal printer, but Dartmouth financial aid is not available for the purchase of printers. To find out more, go to GreenPrint Public Printers.

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Last Updated: 12/9/14