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Learning About Computing at Dartmouth

Dartmouth's Information Technology Services offers many opportunities to learn about the computing environment. Some are provided exclusively for incoming students; others are offered year-round.


Over the spring and summer, you will receive your Dartmouth account, and information that describe Orientation events and general information about computing at Dartmouth. Online information will also describe how to use our computing resources.

Upon your arrival in September, several public computing facilities will be open on a walk-in basis. These include the IT Walk-in Center (Help Desk), the Computer Store, and public computer terminals around campus.

In addition, "Computing at Dartmouth" sessions will be held in the first few days of your arrival on campus. (More specific information about the timing of these sessions will be included in the orientation information provided for you later in the summer.) In the "Computing at Dartmouth" session, your computer will be configured for use at Dartmouth. In addition, you will find out about technology resources that are available to you as a member of the Dartmouth community, including: how to register for classes, how to use Blitz (our communication and collaboration system), how to use Dartmouth's campus-wide printing system, how to protect your computer from being attacked, how to access the wireless network, how to obtain and use site-licensed software, how to get discounts on computer hardware and software, how to set up and connect your computer to the network, and where to get computing help when you need it.

Your undergraduate advisor (UGA) will be able to help you sort through any Orientation confusion and point you in the right direction for computing and other activities.

Other Ways to Learn About Computing

Dartmouth's Information Technology Services provides help year-round:

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Last Updated: 3/24/14