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Authentication verifies your identity similar to a Dartmouth ID card — it has your name on it and is made in a way that is difficult to forge. In addition, information is embedded in the magnetic stripe on your Dartmouth ID. This information verifies that you are a member of the Dartmouth community. A PKI certificate or an eToken is simply another identity verification method.

In order to protect critical business data and verify you are eligible to access certain Dartmouth's resources, we will be implementing stronger authentication on critical systems during the coming years.

You can prepare now by learning how to use Dartmouth's authentication systems. The four systems below are currently in use, although the College will be standardizing on using the WebAuth system or PKI certificates either stored on your computer in a software application (such as a web browser) or one stored on an eToken, and moving away from Kerberos and DND authentication for web-based systems.

The PKI Certificate stored in a software application will be used only in limited cases because it is less secure (it can be copied by others if they have access to your computer).

Authentication Systems

Last Updated: 2/18/10