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Wireless Network Service Request

In order to process your request in a timely and efficient manner, you must provide some basic information about your request or problem. We need the answers to all of the questions listed below in order to determine what the request/problem is prior to sending a technician out to fix it. This will ensure that the technician has the proper tools and goes to the proper location, thereby resulting in less time to process your request. Stepping through this process may also help you find an answer yourself.

Note: * Denotes required information.

Requester Information


E-mail address:*

On-Campus Phone Number:*

Contact Phone Number (if different):


Room Number:*

Troubleshooting and Reporting Information


What is the name of your computer?
Need help finding this information? See for Windows or for Macintosh


What is the IP address of your computer?
Need help finding this information? See for Windows or for Macintosh


When was the last time you successfully accessed the wireless network from your computer?

What is the number of the wall jack your computer is plugged in to?

Does this jack have a blue tab on it? Y N
(Only jacks with blue tabs are activated.)

What is the name of the wireless network to which you are trying to connect?

Dartmouth Secure

Dartmouth Public

Dartmouth Library Public

 Kiewit Voice (specifically for wireless IP phones)

Are you able to connect to the wireless network from your computer at any location around campus?  Y  N

Where is your computer located when you are unable to connect to the wireless network? 

What happens when your computer tries to connect to the wireless network?
 Strong signal but no network connections
 No signal or weak signal
 Error Message Specify: 

 Other Specify: If you plug your computer into a different jack [with a blue label], does it connect to the network? Y N

If your request or problem has not been addressed above, please describe the service you want or the problem you are having:

Last Updated: 10/20/11