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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) software provides a secure network connection from your computer to the central machine room at Dartmouth where many of the central servers are located.

Reasons to Use VPN Software

  • Some Dartmouth resources require you to have a VPN connection in order to access them, regardless of whether you are on or off campus.
  • Dartmouth provides several different wireless networks, only one of which is secure and encrypted: Dartmouth Secure. When connecting to the wireless network, Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students should choose Dartmouth Secure. The other campus wireless networks SSIDs are not secure, so people can see what you are sending across the air waves. If you are using one of these other wireless networks, you should always start a VPN connection prior to sending any information across the network (e.g., e-mail, data on web pages).
  • If you need access to Dartmouth's resources and you are not using Dartmouth's network (e.g., connecting from off-campus), the VPN software is required to utilize certain resources such as online journals from the Library.  

Juniper VPN

Dartmouth licenses Juniper's VPN software for this use, but there are other VPN software vendors whose product may work as well. Instructions for using the Juniper VPN software are available at the link below:

Last Updated: 7/28/10