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"HeartBleed" Website Security

To the Dartmouth Community:

You may have seen recent news reports of an internet security exploit called "heartbleed." Heartbleed is a vulnerability that affects Dartmouth, and, as importantly, many non-Dartmouth sites you may use (banking, shopping, personal services). The explicit risk of this vulnerability is that of having any information (password, credit card, data) you transact with an unpatched system being available in a form that is easily recognized because the keys that ordinarily encrypt that data may have been compromised.

Dartmouth is engaged in an immediate effort to patch all our central systems for this vulnerability. Our exposure is low. Many website providers on the internet are working to patch their systems. In this interval when it is unclear whether your connection to internet services is secure, you should exercise all due diligence, possibly and including not transacting any secure transactions until such time as the system is identified as patched.

We will notify the Dartmouth community as soon as all our central internal systems are patched. At such time, we suggest you change your password as a precaution. We explicitly advise that you NOT change your password until such time as you can be sure that your password change is not part of an already vulnerable website.

Thank you for your attention.

Last Updated: 4/14/14