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Set Top Box Support

The IT Walk-in Center is responsible for supporting Set Top Boxes (STB). STBs are used to view DarTV on conventional televisions.

House Call Rules

When presented with an issue with a STB via e-Chat or e-mail, run through the list of Common Problems listed below to try to resolve the problem. If the issue still exists, a house call to a dorm room can be scheduled under certain circumstances.

Adhere to the following rules when making a house call:

  • You can go to on-campus rooms only.
  • The student requesting the help must be present in the room the entire time a Walk-In Center employee is working on the student's problem. If the student leaves the room, you must also leave the room.
  • House calls are limited to one hour.
  • The Walk-In Center must remain open; if only one student is working at the Walk-In Center, she or he cannot make a house call.

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Common Problems

The most common problems with STBs usually have nothing to do with the box itself. They include:

  • The TV is not set to Channel 4.
  • The batteries in the STB remote are dead.
  • The STB is plugged into the wrong input on the TV.

The STB can be connected to the TV in one of two ways:

  • From the Video Out port on the STB to the Video In port on the TV via a standard cable TV cable.
  • From the Composite Port on the STB to the color coded RCA ports on the TV.

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STB Crash Kit

A Crash Kit is available at the Walk-In Center that you can use when making a house call. The Crash Kit contains the following:

  • An STB and remote.
  • Extra cables.
  • An extra Ethernet cord.
  • Extra batteries.
  • An installation diagram.

If the problem is determined to be the batteries in the STB remote, the student will have to purchase new batteries; they can not take the batteries you brought with you.  

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  1. One additional student employee will be hired for the hours the Walk-In Center is open during Orientation Week in the fall. This student is responsible for going to dorm rooms to resolve STB issues. If there are no STB issues, the employee will work at the Walk-In Center. Pay for this position is the same as for other Walk-In Center positions.
  2. After the first week, if there is a STB issue that needs to be handled in person and the Walk-In Center is not busy, the Student Manager will send someone from the Walk-In Center to do the house call. If the Walk-In Center is busy, the Student Manager will send e-mail to the cg-stucons mailing list to see if anyone is available to make the house call. If someone not currently scheduled to work handles the call, they will get a flat rate of $15.

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Entering House Calls Into Remedy

When inputting a house call into Remedy, the Category is Hardware, the Type is Set Top Box, and the Item is Other.

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Last Updated: 8/8/10