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Shift Procedures

"Starting a Shift" Procedures

At the beginning of your shift, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Open the gate if it is not already open. The key is hanging on the bulletin board to the right of the gate. You will need to push down on the gate as you unlock each side. If you do not push down, the locks will not turn. Make sure NOT to push it all the way into the ceiling as it is very difficult to get when it is completely into the ceiling.
  2. Turn on the machines you and your co-workers will be using at the front counter, and start Remedy on both machines and the e-Chat system on one of the machines. Make sure you have the CD books and other materials available, that everything is in its proper place, and the Walk-In Center area is tidy.
  3. Take any lost and found articles at the IT Walk-in Center to the Berry Information Desk.

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"Ending a Shift" Procedures

At the end of your shift, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Close and lock the gate if it is the end of the day.
  2. Shut down all machines.
  3. Put items that belong on the bookshelves away.
  4. Put items that belong in the filing cabinets away.
  5. Make sure the Walk-In Center area is tidy, all garbage is thrown away, equipment is picked up and put in its proper place, etc.
  6. Turn off all the lights
  7. Check to be sure the exterior door is shut and locked securely behind you when you leave.

If you have any questions about these procedures, ask the Student Manager or send an e-mail to the cg-stucons list.

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Last Updated: 8/13/10