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IT Walk-in Center Employee Schedule

Normal hours of operation for the IT Walk-in Center are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Student employees can view their schedules via Oracle CalendarNote: Your schedule is in effect from the day classes start, then up to and including the last day of final exams.

A user name and password for logging into Oracle Calendar will be provided at the start of each term. 

You must assume the Oracle Calendar schedule to be correct and accurate and, as such, you are fully responsible for any hours you are scheduled to work. If there is a mistake on the schedule, you must notify the Student Manager immediately. If there is no student manager, send an e-mail to cg-stucons.

You are expected to arrive on time for your scheduled shifts, and to work the duration of your shifts. If you must miss work, you are expected to arrange for another Walk-in center student to take your shift and to notify the Student Manager or the cg-stucons list.


There is a mandatory meeting once per term.  The meeting will be based on the best time available for the majority of the IT Walk-in Center employees. An e-mail will be sent to everyone announcing the location, or any change in day, time, or location.

These meetings have a dual purpose:

  • First, they are a chance to update everyone on the latest news and trends from Dartmouth Computing Services.
  • Second, they provide the opportunity for you to address questions and concerns.

The meetings are treated like shifts in terms of attendance. You are required to attend all meetings, and you will be paid for the time spent in meetings. Absences are only excused for academic responsibilities.

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Performance Reviews

Every term you work at the Walk-In Center you will participate in a one on one performance review with the Student Manager.  This will give you valuable feedback in your work, and give you a chance to ask questions and address concerns in a confidential setting.

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Swapping Shifts/Subbing

If you cannot come to work for a specific shift, it is your responsibility to find a substitute at least 24 hours before the scheduled shift.

To find a substitute, ask an individual or send an e-mail to the cg-stucons mailing list. The subject line of the e-mail message should be SUB and the day and time of the shift.

If you do not show up to work and have not acquired a sub, you will be subject to the absenteeism policy; see Performance Warnings and Terminations.

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Last Updated: 8/8/10