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Job Responsibilities

All student assistants, student consultants and the student manager share a set of core responsibilities. They are listed below and detailed later:

  1. Understanding the missions and policies of the IT Walk-In Center.
  2. Helping walk-in users.
  3. Helping users via the e-Chat system.
  4. Helping users through Remedy.
  5. Helping users with Set Top Box television converters in dorm rooms.
  6. Keeping the IT Walk-In Center clean and organized.
  7. Educating users about computing so they can attempt to help themselves in the future.
  8. Keeping up-to-date on technical knowledge regarding supported software and hardware products.

In addition, you should always remember that you are an employee of Computing Services while you are working at the IT Walk-In Center. You should represent the views and opinions of Computing Services, not your own. You are expected to abide by the rules and regulations outlined by Judicial Affairs, the Dartmouth College Information Technology Policy and the Code of Ethical Business Conduct.

We support all software and computers that students bring to the Walk-In Center that are for use in their academic work. An exception is any distribution of Linux. You should be familiar with the most common software and computers.  This can be summarized as the last three generations of Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems, all software on the Dartmouth download page, and Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo computers. You should also be familiar with configuring mobile devices for Dartmouth e-mail and network systems.

Hardware support is only to the extent of determining if an issue is caused by hardware. Once this is determined, you should direct the student to take their laptop or desktop to The Computer Store if it is an Apple, Dell, or Lenovo laptop or HP desktop.  If it is another brand of computer that is still under warranty, then they must contact the computer manufacturer or the store from which they bought the warranty.  If it is another brand of computer, but out of warranty, they may still take it to The Computer Store to be inspected and/or repaired for a fee.

All equipment located at the IT Walk-In Center are to be kept there; they are not to be loaned out for any reason.

Some Miscellaneous Dos and Don'ts

  • Do ask questions regarding policies you do not understand.
  • Do offer/seek assistance to and from your co-workers. You can learn a lot from each other!
  • Do not allow anyone to leave any personal items at the IT Walk-In Center. We will not be responsible for items left behind.
  • Do not prop the door open to the IT Walk-In Center. The security system will be triggered and Safety and Security will come to investigate the problem.
  • Do not use the Walk-in center printer for your homework/personal needs. That is what GreenPrint is for. We do not have the budget to support this.

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Detailed Information About Job Responsibilities

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Last Updated: 2/7/13