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Job Priorities

The mission of the IT Walk-In Center is to help students with academically-related technical issues or questions. In support of this mission, the following are the responsibilities of all student staff at the IT Walk-In Center, in order of importance:

  1. Greet walk-in users and answer questions; enter information regarding these interactions into Remedy.
  2. Answer e-Chat Questions; enter information regarding these interactions into Remedy.
  3. Respond to Remedy questions.
  4. Any task given to you by a supervisor.
  5. Keep the office picked up.
  6. Update documents.
  7. Familiarize yourself with currently supported packages and information resources.

If you have fulfilled all of the above responsibilities, all Remedy tickets and documents are up-to-date, and the Walk-In Center area is neat and tidy, you can work on personal things, such as homework.

Your friends should never come to the IT Walk-In Center unless they have a specific computer related question. The IT Walk-In Center is a professional working environment. Working on projects for classes with another student or group of students is not an appropriate use of your time at the Walk-In Center, even when it is quiet and everything is caught up. If everything is done and you are working on something personal, you must be able to stop what you are doing to respond to user needs. If you are visiting with friends or working on a project with other students, you are less likely to respond to a user's needs in a timely manner.

Last Updated: 8/8/10