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Performance Warnings and Terminations

First Warning

A first warning is given to an employee for any of the following reasons:

  • Arriving late for a shift or meeting.
  • Violating any rule in the Student Employee Contract, the PKCS Non-Disclosure Agreement, this document, or as stated throughout the term by your Manager.
  • Inappropriate behavior.
  • Unsatisfactory work.
  • Spending time on personal activities during a shift when there are Walk-in Center duties to be done.

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Second Warning

A second warning is given to an employee for a second occurrence of any of the violations listed under the first warning.

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Termination may result for any of the following reasons:

Note: The definition of "late" is being more than five minutes late. The definition of "unexcused" is being more than 20 minutes late.

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Disciplinary Allegations

In the event that a formal disciplinary allegation is made by a Judicial Affairs Officer against a student employed by Computing Services, and this allegation is based on misconduct under the Information Technology Policy, that student's employment with the department will be immediately suspended. The suspension will be in effect until the hearing process is concluded. The student's continued employment will be decided based on the conclusions reached at the hearing.

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Disciplinary Action

A student who is under disciplinary action resulting from a violation of the Information Technology Policy, or whose name has been removed from the Dartmouth Name Directory as part of the disciplinary process, may not be employed by the IT Walk-In Center. Upon their return from disciplinary action, it will be up to the discretion of the Student Manager of the Walk-In Center whether the hiring or rehiring of the student is in the best interest of the IT Walk-In Center.

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Last Updated: 11/8/10