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Who to Contact in Case of an Emergency During Evening Hours

Since full-time Computing staff are not available during the evening, you can contact the evening supervisors for the Library if an emergency arises at the Walk-In Center. These supervisors are full-time staff members who are in the building until closing time. For information on who the current night supervisors are, see the Dartmouth Library Staff Directory - Access Services listing, and look for the Library Night Supervisor.

If you have the responsibility of closing the Walk-In Center at the end of the night and you have a problem with the door alarm, contact Safety & Security at the non-emergency number: 646-2234. If the light is a constant green, ask them to remotely secure the door (the light will turn red). You may have to wait a few minutes for them to secure the door; you should not leave until it is secure.

Last Updated: 8/8/10