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Communicating With Each Other

The primary means of communicating with other student employees who are working at the IT Walk-in Center in any given term is through BlitzMail's cg-stucons group mailing list. Everyone working for the Walk-in Center is added to this BlitzMail list. It can be utilized for communication among us for anything from subbing to common problems or questions. You will receive information from this list about network outages, blocked hosts, etc.

When you become an employee, you will automatically be added to a number of mailing lists. However, except for the cg-stucons group mailing list, these lists are only for receiving information. Do not e-mail the Sys-Admin List (often a sender to our list). This list is used only to notify us of key information and changes we need to serve the Dartmouth community more efficiently.

If there is a larger problem you feel should be communicated outside of the IT Walk-in Center, discuss it with the Student Manager. Ask them to send a BlitzMail message to the appropriate group that needs to be notified. If the Student Manager is not available, and it is an emergency that cannot wait until you can get in touch with one of them, send an e-mail to the cg-stucons list. All full-time consulting staff monitor this list.

Last Updated: 1/8/12