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Services Within Baker/Berry and How They Relate to the Walk-in Center

There are several areas within the Library that interact on some level with the IT Walk-in Center. You should be aware of all of these areas and the services they provide.

Public Computers

Most of the public computers throughout Baker/Berry are maintained by Dartmouth Computing Services. If there is a problem with one of them, send an e-mail to If it is an emergency, send an e-mail to the cg-stucons list and a full-time consultant will help out.

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Reference Desk

The computers that are on the carpet surrounding the Reference Desk are owned by the Library, although the image for these machines is maintained by Computing Services. If there is a problem with one of these machines, let the person at the Reference Desk know. If someone wants additional software added to these machines, send an e-mail to Include information such as who made the request, what change is requested to the image, and why they need it changed.

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Information Desk

The staff at the Information Desks (both in Baker and Berry) can direct people to the appropriate locations throughout the Library. If someone comes to the IT Walk-in Center that needs help in finding a book or location within the Library, send them to the Information Desk for assistance.

The elevator immediately in front of the IT Walk-in Center is equipped with a security system, so if someone goes through it with a book that has not been checked out, the elevator will not move. If this happens, contact the Berry Information Desk staff and ask them to come reset the elevator.

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Circulation Desk

The Circulation Desk holds a pool of chargers purchased by the Student Assembly for use by students.  They have Apple, Dell, and Lenovo chargers for 2-3 hour loans.  If a student comes to you looking for a charger, direct them to the Circulation Desk.

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The Computer Store

Students can purchase computer-related hardware, software, peripherals, and supplies at prices that reflect academic discounts at The Computer Store.

The Computer Store is also a resource for warranty repairs of Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo computers, as well as non-warranty repairs of any computer.

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GreenPrint Stations

The GreenPrint Release Stationsare primarily located on the lower level of Berry, although one station is located on the first level of Berry, near the Information Desk. These Release Stations are serviced and maintained by the staff of the Berry Machine Room. If you need to report problems with these GreenPrint Release Stations, send an e-mail from your BlitzMail account to describing the problem and which printer(s) are not working. Then, in Remedy, find and open the trouble ticket that was generated by your e-mail (it may take a few minutes for your trouble ticket to be created), click on the Activity tab, change the Group+ to System Administrators, make sure the status is set to Assigned, and then click Save.

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Last Updated: 2/7/13