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Dartmouth Computing licenses online access to Gartner, an information technology company that provides research and advice to guide decision making.

Our Gartner license is restricted to members of the Dartmouth community. By logging in via this web page you will have full access to Gartner products and will have the opportunity to customize your Gartner experience.

Note that Garter collects your name and email address in order to provide a customized experience. Please read Gartner's Online Privacy Policy if you have any concerns about sharing identifying information. Also note that custom access is only activated when you access Gartner from this web page. Do not attempt to log in directly on the Gartner site.

By clicking the link below, you agree to:

  • Authenticate with Dartmouth College computing credentials
  • Provide your first name, last name, and Dartmouth e-mail address to
  • Receive a one-time account registration confirmation e-mail from

Proceed to Gartner

Last Updated: 9/17/10