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Television (DarTV)

Members of the Dartmouth community can take advantage of the wired network to watch cable TV on their computers and, with a set top box, on televisions.

DarTV also accommodates:

  • Overflow support for public events: e-mail for more information
  • Academic usage through foreign language channels

Configuration and Setup

Note that when using a computer to view DarTV, it only works over the wired network and not through wireless connections. Your computer must be plugged into an Ethernet connection with wireless off to use DarTV.

During your initial request to watch DarTV on your computer, you will encounter various browser certificate messages for the PC, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. 

  • Click Yes, Grant this session, or Grant always to accept the digital certificate.  (Clicking the "Grant Alway"s button or the "Always trust?" checkbox will minimize these warnings in the future)
  • The InStream viewer will then launch to your desktop.
  • Note, before InStream will launch, your browser may be required to update the version Java it runs. Follow the directions after your browser prompts you to update Java correctly.

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Using InStream Viewer

The InStream viewer OnGuide interface contains several panels used for information display and a "Dashboard" used for selecting your IP video channel and settings as shown below. For more features, see InStream Keyboard Shortcuts.


InStream Viewer


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Set Top Boxes

A Set Top Box will connect a traditional television to the campus network. Set Top Boxes are available for rent from The Computer Store.

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Service Request

If you're having problems with your set top box, contact the IT Help Desk at 646-2999 or e-mail:

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Last Updated: 2/7/13