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Telephone Service Request

In order to process your request in a timely and efficient manner, we need you to provide us with some basic information about your request or problem. We need the answers to all of the questions listed below in order to determine what the request/problem is prior to sending a technician out to fix it. This will ensure that the technician has the proper tools and goes to the proper location, thereby resulting in less time to process your request. Completing this form may also help you find the problem and correct it yourself, without the need for a repair request.

Note: * Denotes required information.

Requester Information

On-Campus Phone Number/Problem Phone*
Contact Phone Number (if different)
Room Number*

Phone Purchases

If you would like to purchase a new phone, check here and click the Submit Request button below.

Phone Moves

If you need to move your phone to another Ethernet port, please complete the information below. Only those Ethernet ports that are specifically configured for VoIP phones will work.

Number of Phone Being Moved:
Port Number* where phone is currently plugged in:
Port Number* where phone needs to be moved:
*An example of a port number is 1XP-17. This is found on the label where the Ethernet cable that runs from the back of your phone to the wall is plugged in to the wall.

Troubleshooting and Reporting Information

What is the number of the jack that the phone device is plugged into?

Do you have a Cisco phone? Y N
If yes, does the jack into which the phone is plugged have a blue tab on it? (Only those jacks with blue tabs are active) Y N

If you are trying to dial long distance, did you first dial 8 to get an outside line? Y N

Who is the manufacturer and what is the model of the phone you are using?

If you are using a cordless phone, is the base plugged into the AC power? Y N

Have you plugged your phone into another jack that you know is working? Y N
If so, did your phone work on that jack Y N

Does your phone appear to have power? Y N

Please describe your request or problem:
Need jack activated for phone use; jack number:
No dial tone
Can't dial anyone
Can't dial long distance
Can't reach specific long distance number; phone number:
Noise on line
Other; please specify:

Last Updated: 10/19/11