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Dartmouth's nameConnector System

The nameConnectorâ„¢ Speech Recognition System enables phone users to reach anyone on campus directly without having to hunt through a directory.

How to Use nameConnectorâ„¢

  1. If you're on campus, dial 0; if you're off campus, dial (603) 646-1110. The call will be answered by the nameConnectorâ„¢ system.
  2. When you hear the voice greeting, say the first and last name or the department name of the person or department you are trying to reach (for example, say "John Smith" or "Human Resources"). If a person is usually called by a nickname, please test both the long name and the nickname. You may listen to the entire voice greeting, or you may interrupt it and just pronounce the name.

    If the speech recognizer is unable to recognize the person or department name after three tries, you will be transferred to a voice mail system offering you a list of primary campus departments.

Tips for Success

  • Pronounce each word individually and clearly.
  • Do not say "please" or "extension" before or after requesting a person or department.
  • Use the handset to interface with the system; do not use a speaker phone.

    Loud background noise may interfere ith the system understanding you.

    If the system doesn't pronounce your name correctly, there is a voice mail box setup for users to leave their correct name pronunciation. Please dial 646-9015 and leave a message stating the correct pronunciation of your name. This voice mail will be retrieved by the system and your profile within the nameConnector will be updated.

If you have questions or concerns:

Last Updated: 7/21/10