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Desktop Phones

Computing Services provides telephone services for faculty/staff and students at Dartmouth using the latest technology.

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Telephone Accounts

For Students

Dartmouth students who reside in residence halls, can use local, domestic long distance, and voice mail free of charge. International calling requires a calling card which can be purchased at the Computer Store.

The type of phone various by dorm. See Phones Types by Dorm for more information.

For Faculty/Staff

Dartmouth faculty and staff are provided with a phone line, capable of placing local and domestic long distance calls free of charge. International calling is billed to the department. Telephones are available for purchase at the Computer Store.

Telephone Setup

The basic service package for faculty/staff includes:

  • Installations
  • Upgrades to basic packages
  • Move orders
  • Repairs

Also see:

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Features of Your Telephone

To learn about the features of our telephone, see Features of Your Telephone. It includes dialing options, call forwarding, conference calls, plus more.

Telephone Service Request

To arrange for phone services, or to report a problem with your phone, fill out the Phone Service Request form or e-mail

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Dialing Instructions from On Campus Phones

Dial the 5 digit extension number to call another campus telephone. Please e-mail if you need help with dialing procedures.

To Call Dial
College Extension 6-xxxx
Domestic direct-dialed call 8 + 1 + area code + telephone number
Local New Hampshire exchanges 8 + 7 digits
Local Vermont exchanges 8 + 1 + 802 + 7 digits
Toll-free numbers 8 + 1 + toll-free number
Calling card calls 8 + 1 + carrier access code — follow prompts
Prepaid calling cards 8 + 1 + access code — follow prompts

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To Report Harassing or Obscene Calls or an Emergency

Contact Safety & Security immediately at 646-4000 for:

  • Bomb threat
  • Threat against person or property

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To Report Annoyance Calls

Send e-mail to to report:

  • Unsolicited fax messages
  • ‘Runaway fax machines' that repeatedly dial your number
  • Computer calls to your voice line
  • Other non-malicious, harassing calls

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Campus Operator (Auto-attendant)

  • On campus, dial 0.
  • Off campus, dial (603) 646-1110.

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Last Updated: 9/13/12