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Blitz Upgrade

Beginning July 22nd, over a period of several days, accounts will be moved to the latest version of the Blitz system (Office 365). The user interface in BWA will be significantly different once your account is moved. On-Premises accounts will not be changing. 

Important: Internet Explorer 6 will not work with this new version. Upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer, or use another, newer web browser application.

If you use Outlook on Windows or BWA at some point during the week of July 22nd you will be prompted to log out then back in. If you use a Macintosh application or a smart phone, at some point mail may stop flowing to your inbox. At that point, if you log out then back in you will be in the new version.

The quickest way to tell if your account is migrated is to log into BWA. The user interface is significantly different from what it was in the previous version. If you're still seeing the old version, then your migration has not yet completed.

In BWA your view configuration is not saved during the migration process; it defaults to conversation view and the reading pane turned on. You'll need to reconfigure this if you changed from the default. To turn off conversation view in BWA, click Items by Date which appears at the top of the list of messages in your Inbox; to change the Reading pane, click the cog found in the upper right corner, then Display Settings then Reading Pane.

Key differences that you may notice:

The size of your mailbox will increase by about 30%. This is due to a change in how Microsoft is calculating mailbox size. You may need to remove things from your account or empty your trash. See for information regarding how to reduce the size of your mailbox.

There are four new apps that are on by default in both Outlook and BWA and will appear as appropriate based upon the message you are reading:

  • "bing maps" shows you the location of the address,
  • "action items" prompts you to flag the message for follow up,
  • "suggested meetings" shows meeting suggestions found in your email and allows you to add them to your calendar,
  • "unsubscribe" is triggered by messages from subscription email feeds, and allows you to block the sender or unsubscribe from the source.

You can click "get more apps" to peruse other apps that are available from Microsoft and add them to your account if you want.

In BWA, your ability to change tools (mail, calendar, contacts) no longer appears at the bottom of the left hand column; it is now across the top.

In BWA, account settings is now accessed via the cog in the upper right corner.

In BWA e-mail:

  • the "New message" and "new event" links are at the top of left navigation bar. 
  • when you open an e-mail message, the icons (reply, forward, etc.) now appear as text, and only the common ones are available in one click; the others are under the "more actions" button. 
  • there are new sort options for message folders – "all, unread, to me, flagged", 
  • actions on specific messages now appears on the right side of the message rather than at the top of the list of messages.

In the BWA calendar:

  • there are new quick links to allow you to skip to specific, nearby weeks with one click.
  • you can view multiple months in left hand navigation bar. 
  • "view series" of recurring meeting now is accessed once you open an individual meeting – rather than being prompted each time you go to open a recurring meeting. 
  • when setting up an appointment or meeting, the "subject" field is now labeled "event", and the "Start time" and "duration" fields are replaced with "start time" and "end time".

Known Issues:

A few users have reported issues with being able to view data on shared calendars after their account was migrated. If you encounter this, the first thing to try is to download a new Global Address List (GAL). Contact the Help Desk is you need assistance in doing this.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, log into BWA, click the cog found in the upper right corner, then select Office 365 Settings from the pop down list. Click Software then Desktop Setup. Click the Setup button. Install any Office 365 updates that you are prompted for. Additionally, if you are on a Windows computer, make sure that all your operating system updates have been installed.

During the migration period, accounts that have already migrated are occasionally prompted with a message that the system administrator has made changes to their account and they need to log out then back in. You can ignore this message until it is convenient for you to log out.

Learn More:

Computing Services is offering drop-in sessions for anyone with questions about the new BWA look and feel. See!/month/2013/07 for a listing of times and locations.

Early Adopters Response:

Hear what other members of the Dartmouth community have to say about this new version of Blitz on Interface; post your own reaction to this new version to share with other members of the community on the Interface site.

More Information:

For a general overview of the new version click here

For information on specific tools in the new version:

Please note that these support links go directly to Microsoft's Support website.

Last Updated: 7/18/13