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Group Mailing List Request Form

Information About The Primary List Owner

Information About Additional List Owner

Dartmouth requires every email list to have two owners. Please provide information about the secondary owner below

Information About the List
  • List name must be descriptive, relative to the list purpose, and easily understandable (no acronyms)

  • Describe the purpose of the list and who the target audience is. This helps community members find lists that are compatible with their interests

  • Announcement ­ Similar to Blitz Bulletin. One­way communications to a group; useful for newsletters. Replies go only to sender.
  • Email Group List ­ collection of email addresses for ease of communicating with many people.

  • Select whether you want to limit list membership to addresses only

Who can send to the list?

Select all that apply

If you have no additional parameters to define for your request, click the submit button at the bottom of this form. Otherwise, continue completing the form.

Optional Information About the List
  • Open -­ anyone can add themselves
  • Owner - only ­ anyone can request to be added and the list owner can allow/deny
  • Closed -­ owner must add members to the list

  • Public ­- anyone can see the members
  • Private ­- only other members can see the members
  • Owner only ­- only the owner can see the members

  • Hidden - word of mouth only
  • addresses only
  • Public ­- open to the world

Will messages sent to the list be moderated?
  • Moderated lists require all emails sent to the list to be confirmed by an editor before they are distributed. Otherwise, postings to the list will be immediate

Who will receive the emails for moderation?

Select all that apply

Exchange Lists Only
  • Mail tips are informational messages which will appear above the To: line in the compose window after the list address is added when using BWA or Outlook 2010. (Exchange Lists only)

ListServ Lists Only
  • Digests are single emails including posts which are accumulated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Would you like the messages sent to the list to be stored and viewable via a webpage? (archives)

If yes, should the archives be public? (archives)

Last Updated: 7/30/12