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Create a Mailing List

To create a mailing list, click the Address icon from the column on the left side of the BlitzMail window to open the Address Book window. The Address Book window displays the names of your mailing lists.


Personal Mailing Lists

To see (or edit) a personal list, select it and click the Open button (or double-click on the name of the list). To send a message to a group of people in a previously defined mailing list, enter the name of the list in the To: field of a Composing window. The message will be sent to everyone on the list. You can also use the Address Book to create nicknames, or aliases, for individuals whose names or addresses are difficult for you to remember. Whenever you want to send mail to that person, simply type the alias in the To: field of the Composing window. (This is especially useful if you frequently send mail to someone off campus; non-Dartmouth mailing addresses are sometimes complicated and difficult to type accurately.)

For example, if there are two Elizabeth Smiths on campus and you frequently send mail to one of them, you could enter the correct one, Elizabeth M. Smith, in a mailing list, and name the list "Liz."  When you want to send her a message, you simply enter Liz in the To: field.

To create a new personal list or an alias:

  1. Click the Personal Lists radio button at the bottom of the Address Book window.
  2. Click the New button on the right-hand side of the Address Book window.
  3. Enter the full name of one or more people at Dartmouth or the complete e-mail address(es) for people off campus. Separate the names with commas or with the [enter] key.
  4. When the list is complete, click the Save as button and enter a name for the list.
  5. If you click the Check button, BlitzMail verifies that the name(s) you typed are actually in the Dartmouth Name Directory. If it does not find a match for any one of the names, it tells you it can't and asks you to try to correct it.

Note: BlitzMail only checks people's names, not their e-mail addresses. If you have typed the wrong address (for example, for someone off campus), BlitzMail has no way of recognizing this error. It will simply attempt to send mail to that address. If a message is returned because the address was wrong, be sure to correct your mailing list once you have determined the correct address.

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Group Mailing Lists

The BlitzMail Address Book window also displays group lists that have been established for the convenience of members of the groups listed.

Note: These mailing lists are not intended to be sources of names for unsolicited mailings. Do not use them for that purpose.

Several types of group lists can be established for an individual or group:

  • A list that can be opened and used so that any member of the Dartmouth community can see the group's members and can send mail to the list.
  • A list that can be used, but cannot be opened (anyone can send mail to the list, but only the list's "owner" can see who the group's members are). You will know this is one of these lists because the Open button will be dimmed to everyone except the owners of the lists, who see the lists in solid black type.
  • A list that can not be seen or used by anyone but the list's owner. The names of these group lists do not appear in the Address Book except to the owner(s) of the lists.

Establishing a group list may be preferable to creating a personal list: When a message is sent to a group list, the recipients see in the header of the message only the name of the group list, not all the names of the individuals who comprise that list. The third option described above ensures the maximum privacy for the names of members of a group mailing list.

To establish a group list, contact the IT Service Desk (Help Desk) at 646-2999, send e-mail to, or contact your department's IT support office.

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Last Updated: 8/18/10