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Student Organization Authorized Signatures

Overseeing Area

Authorized Approvers


Joann Brislin (Club Sports)
Roger Demment

COSO: Student Life, Collis, Student Activities

Anna Hall
Catherine Follensbee

Diane Nadeau
Eric Ramsey

Dean of the College, Administration

Elizabeth Agosto
Inge-Lise Ameer

Dean of the College, Office of Pluralism and Leadership

Karen Tucker

Minnie Slater

Dean of the College, Undergraduate Deans

Deborah Tyson

Dickey Center

Amy Newcomb
Christianne Wohlforth
Kenneth Yalowitz

Graduate Students, Arts & Sciences

Kerry Landers
Brian Pogue

Hopkins Center

Jeff James
Jay Cary
Marga Rahmann

Health Services

John Turco


Lora Thompson
Jeff Horrell


Woody Eckels (ORL)
Ruth Kett (ORL/GLO*)

Outdoor Programs

Brian Kunz

Rockefeller Center

Andrew Samwick
Sadhana Hall

Tucker Foundation

Theresa Ellis
Tracy Dustin-Eichler
Nancy Vogele

Medical School

Gordon D. Koff
Stephen McAllister

Tuck School

Geoff Bronner
Stan Pyc
Katherine Flint
Amy Mitson
Steven Lubrano
Sally Jaeger

Thayer School

Mark J. Franklin
William Lotko
Charles Wyman
Lawrence McKinnon

Other Areas

**Appropriate Sponsoring Department Head or College Senior Officer

*GLO includes Coed, Fraternities, and Sororities, and Undergraduate and Senior Societies.
**At the discretion of Computing Services.
Authorized approvers may be updated by the senior officer of the area by sending a message to

Last Updated: 1/23/15