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E-mail and Calendar Accounts

To meet the appropriate needs of all entities at the College, there are a variety of different accounts for e-mail, calendaring and affiliation to the College.

All accounts are either controlled by an administrative system that tracks current affiliation with the College (Alumni, Employee or Student), or have an expiration date associated with them when they are created or renewed. This is to ensure that access to systems licensed by Dartmouth for members of the Dartmouth community is only being used by active members of the Dartmouth community. 

If you're not sure which type of account will meet your needs, please contact the consultant for your area or send mail to

Personal E-mail Accounts

For most people, as soon as you become affiliated with the College, a Dartmouth account is automatically created for you.

E-mail addresses are the full name with periods between each name followed by

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Departmental Accounts

Each department at the College, as defined by the Human Resources department code list, is entitled to one e-mail account. Additional departmental accounts may be applied for by downloading and completing an Application for a Departmental E-mail (BlitzMail) Account form (PDF document). This form can also be used to create an account for a committee that is spanning multiple departments.

These additional accounts will have a one year expiration, but may be renewed annually as appropriate.

Applications must have an approved signature from the area that oversees the organization.

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Resource Accounts (Calendar Only)

Departments and organizations may have the need of a resource account for scheduling a conference room, equipment, activities, vacations, etc. A resource account will meet these requirements and does not utilize a license for a full account. To request a resource account, complete and submit the Sponsored Account Application and indicate on the form that no mailbox is required.

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Student Organization Accounts

Organizational accounts are available for any College-recognized organizations. These provide mailboxes and calendars for those organizations. To apply for an account for a College-recognized organization, download and complete the Application for an Organization DND Account form. These applications must have an approved signature from the area that oversees the organization.

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Sponsored Accounts

People who are actively working to fulfill the academic mission of Dartmouth can have a Dartmouth account. Examples of these types of people are temporary agency employees not paid directly by the College, unpaid research associates, consultants and faculty who hold positions at other institutions who are working in collaboration with a paid Dartmouth staff or faculty member. Friends and family members of Dartmouth employees and students are not eligible for sponsored accounts, unless they are actively helping to pursue Dartmouth's academic mission themselves.

Senior officers of the College must approve the creation of these accounts to ensure the request is a legitimate one. A Dartmouth account controls access to many resources that are restricted to Dartmouth community members, ranging from Library resources to networking resources. Only those people who are actually engaged in Dartmouth work should be granted an account. People with a sponsored account have all the rights and privileges a regular employee or student has, including using site-licensed software, purchasing items from The Computer Store, and acquiring computing support. If accounts are granted inappropriately, the services that should be provided to those pursuing the mission of Dartmouth could be delayed.

Download and complete the Application for a Sponsored DND Account form (PDF document). Sponsored account forms must be signed by an Authorized Senior Officer for the sponsor's area.

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Last Updated: 7/18/14