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Leaving Dartmouth

When your time as a student at Dartmouth is complete, your address will continue to exist, but the mailbox attached to your account will be deleted within 60 days of your departure. In order to not lose any messages, contacts or calendar events, you need to set up your address to forward to another non-Dartmouth account prior to your mailbox deactivation.

To help you manage this change, the Alumni Help Desk provides alumni with information (see below) on how to obtain, setup, and configure free e-mail accounts that are offered by Microsoft or Google. They will also assist with configuring those accounts to allow you to send e-mail from your address. This will allow you to receive and send mail from a Microsoft or Google account but use a address.

4 Steps to a Successful Mailbox Transition:

Set Forwarding on Your Account: Log into Dartmouth's Directory Manager system ( and set the forwarding on your account to another non-Dartmouth e-mail address that you own.

Migrate Any Messages You Want Retained: Log into your account and review any messages there. If there are any you want to keep, forward them to your non-Dartmouth account.

Migrate Any Addresses You Want Retained: Log into your account and review your contacts. Set up these same contacts in your non-Dartmouth account and test those addresses to ensure you transferred them correctly.

Have a mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.)? Delete your account from this device when your mailbox is deactivated. You will no longer be able to view your account on a mobile device, e-mail application or web browser. Use the account to which you forwarded your account to view any Dartmouth messages, contacts or events. 


At Dartmouth, everyone can set up to two email aliases so that they can receive e-mail at a name by which they are more commonly known. See for additional information.

For those students who started at Dartmouth with the old BlitzMail system, one year after you leave Dartmouth, any email addresses that were used to deliver email to you and were set up in the BlitzMail system will be removed. During the course of this year, you should ensure that anyone who send email to you at a Dartmouth address other than your full name and class year (e.g., or one of the two alternate aliases you've set up in, knows that the address they are using will cease to function.

Blackboard and Canvas

Within 60 days of your departure, you will also loose access to Blackboard.  This means any materials from your course sites that you want to after you leave should be downloaded to a non-Dartmouth location prior to then.

You will not loose access to Canvas.


In addition to your mailbox being deleted, your DartFiles folder and it's contents will be deleted. If there are any documents you want retained from your DartFiles space, you need to copy them to another location prior to your mailbox going away.


For more information see:

Last Updated: 6/12/15