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Lost your password?

  • Faculty or staff: Contact your department's IT support office.
  • Students: Password resets are done at the IT Service Desk (Help Desk), located in 178J Baker/Berry Hall, during the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Bring your photo ID. 

The Dartmouth Email, Calendar, and Collaboration tools for faculty, staff and students are known collectively as "The Blitz System." (For alumni, Dartmouth provides a forwarding only service. See Leaving Dartmouth for additional information.)

Your account within the Blitz System will be located either in the "Cloud", or "On premises". All students, and most faculty and staff, have their accounts located in the cloud.

Cloud accounts are hosted on an Exchange server within Microsoft's Office 365 service (a.k.a. Microsoft Online Services). These accounts are managed by Dartmouth but located on servers in Microsoft's Data Centers. Microsoft's strong commitment to privacy for users and information security for the institution was a key factor in the decision to select Microsoft and Office 365.

If your account is not in the cloud it is located "On Premises"

On Premises (or just "On-Prem") accounts are hosted on an Exchange server managed by Dartmouth and located on servers at Dartmouth.

Features in new (July 2013) Blitz system

How can you tell if your account is in the cloud or on premises?

If, when you access your account via the web, you use: then your account is in the cloud.  If, when you access your account via the web, you use: then your account is on premises.

When reviewing information about the Blitz system, be sure to refer to the information that pertains to where your account is located, either in the "Cloud" or "On premises", as functionality may vary based on the accounts location in the digital space.

Access Your Account via the Web

Your account can be accessed via the web using Internet Explorer (IE), Safari or Firefox

Configuring Your Applications to Work with Your Account

Including application such as: Outlook 2010 (Windows), Outlook 2011 (Mac), Apple Mail and more...

Configuring Your Mobile Devices to Work with Your Account

For information on setting up and configuring these devices to work with your account, click the appropriate link below:

Learning and Using Tools in Your Collaboration System

Since the functionality of the tools accessing the Cloud and the On-Prem systems are virtually identical, courses offered in these tools applies to both systems. See Learning the Blitz System and Using Blitz for information on resources available to you.

Getting Help

Click here for other ways to obtain technical assistance.

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Last Updated: 11/4/14