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Glossary of Terms

Active Directory: Microsoft’s directory product that contains the user account names and passwords that are used to access Microsoft-based systems like the Windows network, Exchange, and Microsoft Online Services.

BWA: Blitz Web Access; the way in which users can connect to their Exchange account using a web browser.

Office 365: (aka MOS, BPOS); a product and services bundle from Microsoft that includes Microsoft Online Services as well as domain administration tools, additional account storage space and increased vendor support.

Collaboration: Calendaring, document sharing, team/project workspaces, web/video conferencing, and other group-based activities.

Cloud Computing: Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources [servers, storage space], software [Exchange, SharePoint, etc.], and information [e-mail messages, calendar events, shared documents] are provided to computers and other devices on demand (Wikipedia).

Communication: E-mail, contact, and instant messaging activities.

Domain: A set of accounts with like characteristics, such as organizational affiliation (Dartmouth), technology (Microsoft Online Services, Exchange), etc.

Exchange: A Microsoft server application that supports e-mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks functionality on desktops, phones, or the Internet through Outlook and other tools.

MOS: Microsoft Online Services (aka Office 365, BPOS); a suite of Internet-based products that provides e-mail, calendaring, document sharing, web/video conferencing, and other tools. 

Outlook: A Microsoft application that provides one of the ways people can connect to their Exchange account; available as a web or desktop client.

OWA: Outlook Web Access; the way in which users can connect to their Exchange account using a web browser. At Dartmouth this is also referred to as BWA: Blitz Web Access

Last Updated: 2/28/12