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Can I Use My Macintosh?

If you have Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or greater installed on your computer, you can configure either Apple's Mac Mail, or Microsoft Outlook 2011, to access your Exchange mailbox. For more assistance, please request help.

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Can I Use My Mobile Device?

For instructions on which devices can be connected to Office 365, please see Use email on your mobile phone.

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Can I Use My Blackberry?

If your account is in the Blitz system, follow the Mobile Device Wizard to see if your Blackberry is supported and how to configure it. Blackberries are not supported with our implementation of On Premises Exchange at this time.

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Can I use Thunderbird to access my E-mail with the Blitz System?

Yes, you can connect to your e-mail using Thunderbird by setting up an IMAP connection. To configure your e-mail account with an IMAP client, see Using IMAP E-mail Clients.

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While Setting Up Thunderbird Using IMAP, I Noticed That Only the Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash, and Junk Folders Were Visible. Where Are the Rest of My Folders?

Go to the File menu, select Subscribe, then select all my mail folders and click the Subscribe button for them to be visible/accessible.

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What Are My Options for Accessing My Dartmouth E-mail and Calendar With the Blitz System?

The recommended option for accessing e-mail and calendar is Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Windows or Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the Macintosh. These give you access to the most functionality. Other options include, for users of Mac OS X 10.6 or greater, AppleMail, iCal, and Address book, any IMAP compliant e-mail application (e.g., Thunderbird), or via an Internet web browser.  Click here for a flowchart to help you decide.

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I Heard There Are Two Exchange Environments. What Is the Difference between On Premises Exchange and Cloud Exchange?

The main difference is where the servers that host e-mail, calendar, messaging, and tasks are located. A limited group of Dartmouth users has their Exchange environment hosted on campus, and everyone else at Dartmouth has their Exchange environment hosted off campus or “in the cloud.” The experience for the user in either environment of Exchange will be very similar.

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How Can I Change My Spam/Junk Mail Settings?

Please see Set up Central Spam Filtering for directions on setting up Spam Rules and turning off spam filtering in each email application, and configuring central spam filtering using Dartmouth Directory Manager.

How do I Set a Vacation or Away Message?

In Outlook, an away message is set with Automatic Replies (Out of Office). From the File Tab, select Info, then Automatic Replies (Out of Office). In the window that appears, select Send Automatic Replies. You have the option to send the away message only during a specified time range. If you select to only send during a time range, you will be prompted to enter a start and end time. You have the option to draft one message for inside the organization and one message for outside the organization.

From a Web browser, log in to (On Premises Exchange) or (Cloud Exchange). Click the Options link on the top right of the page, then click Set Automatic replies. Check the radio button Send Automatic Replies.

If you select to only send during a time range, you will be prompted to enter a start and end time. You have the option to draft one message for inside the organization and one message for outside the organization. If you only want people outside of Dartmouth's Exchange environment who appear in your contacts list to get this auto-reply, select My Contacts Only on the Outside My Organization option.

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How Can I Make Outlook My Default Mail Program?

Start Internet Explorer. From the menu bar, select Tools, then Internet Options. Select the Programs tab. Select the down arrow next to the E-Mail field, then click Microsoft Outlook. Click Apply.

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I Use S/Mime Enabled E-mail in Outlook, But When I Use Office 365 Web Mail I Get the Error Message "S/MIME control is not available." Can It Be Enabled?

No, S/MIME is supported in the Outlook client, but not in the O365 Outlook Web Application.

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Last Updated: 7/28/14