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E-mail Addresses and Sending E-mail

How Do I Send an E-mail to a Group Mailing List?

Provided that you have been granted permissions to do so, you can send to a group mailing list in the same way you send to an individual.  The only difference is the portion of the address after the "@" symbol.  Group Mailing lists end in the following suffixes:


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How Do I Hide E-mail Addresses from Other Recipients in Outlook?

To hide e-mail addresses from other recipients, type the recipients' addresses in the Bcc field of the e-mail message. When creating a new email, in order to display the Bcc field:

  • Click the Options tab
  • In the Ribbon, click the Bcc button

In the field next to Bcc, enter the recipients' e-mail addresses.

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How Do I Find My Department's E-mail List or Any Distribution List?

Any e-mail distribution list that is world-sendable can be found in the address book under All Groups. When composing an e-mail, click the To button, which will bring you to the GAL (Global Address List), and search by group list name. The group distribution lists are in bold.

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  How Do I Add the DND Lookup Tool to My Outlook Application?

This feature is only available in Outlook 2010.

  1. Right-click on Mailbox - First M. Last - where First M. Last is your name.
  2. From the menu that appears, click New Folder.
  3. In the Name field, type DND Lookup, then click OK.
  4. Right-click the newly created folder, then click Properties.
  5. Click the Home Page tab.
  6. In the Address field, enter
  7. Place a check in the Show home page by default for this folder field
  8. Click Apply, then OK.

To use the DND Lookup Tool, click on the DND Lookup folder in your mail folders listing. Enter the name you are looking for. Clicking on the name will return the e-mail address. Clicking on the e-mail address will insert that e-mail address into the To field of a new message window.

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How Can I Find a User's E-mail Address Inside of Dartmouth?

There are three different ways to get people's e-mail addresses.

Click the To field in an e-mail message window and bring up the Global Address List. Within this search window, you can use the Name Only or More Columns options. The More Options selection permits you to search by last name, incomplete first name, and is generally more flexible than the Name Only option.

Alternatively, use the DND Lookup tool and click on the users e-mail address that you just looked up. It should open an e-mail window addressed to that person.

Another option is to type in a person's name in the To field, and click the Check Addresses icon on your toolbar. This should present you options to resolve the e-mail address and put the name in your To field with an underline. The underline indicates the address is complete.

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How Can I Find an E-mail Address for a User at Dartmouth Hitchcock?

Use the DND Lookup tool (see above), selecting DHMC as the site. Click on the users e-mail address that you just looked up. It should open an e-mail window addressed to that person.

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How Can I Make My Own Group List in Outlook 2010 (Windows)?

A group list is also called a Contact Group In Outlook. You will manage this list.

  1. Choose Contacts on the navigation pane.
  2. On the Home tab, choose New Contact Group.
  3. In the Name field, type the name of your Contact Group (for example, "Political Friends").
  4. On the Contact Group tab, in the Members group, click Add Members
  5. Then choose from Outlook contacts, from address book, or from new contact.
  6. In the Address Book drop-down list, click the address book that contains the e-mail addresses you want to include in your Contact Group.
  7. In the Search box, type a name that you want to include.
  8. When the name you're searching for appears in the list, click it, then click Members.
  9. Do this for each person whom you want to add to the Contact Group, then click OK.

The Contact Group list is saved in your Contacts folder under the name you give it.

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Am I limited in the number of recipients I can include on a message?

Blitz system users are limited to 500 people per message. They are also limited to 10,000 recipients in any 24 hour window. However, if you need to send mail to more than 1,000 addresses in one day which are not Dartmouth addresses, please contact the IT Service Desk (Help Desk) first. We will recommend other systems for doing this. If someone sends mail to thousands of addresses that at Dartmouth, many Internet service providers will block all mail coming from Dartmouth because it looks like we are allowing spam to be send from our accounts. Use of these alternative tools prevents every account at Dartmouth from becoming blocked due to one account sending lots of mail.

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Last Updated: 8/6/13