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For students, faculty and staff: The main e-mail system at Dartmouth is known as the Blitz System. In addition to e-mail, Blitz provides document sharing, video and web conferencing, and 50GB of storage for each user. Blitz accounts are hosted either in the cloud or on premises environments. Cloud accounts are hosted by Microsoft Online Services. Microsoft's strong commitment to privacy for users and information security for the institution were key factors in the decision to select Microsoft as the provider of these services.

A limited number of staff are on our on-premises Exchange system hosted on Dartmouth servers.

For instructions on how to configure e-mail for your environment, see:

To access e-mail via your web browser (i.e. off-campus):

For alumni: As of June 30, 2014 access to Dartmouth Alumni BlitzMail accounts was permanently disabled and all accounts marked for deletion. This was the last stage of Dartmouth's retirement of the old BlitzMail system. In lieu of BlitzMail, Dartmouth now offers alumni a email address for life. When students matriculate at Dartmouth, they receive a email address that they can use for life. As a student that address has a mailbox and calendar attached to is; when they become an alumni, the address continues to exist but there is no mailbox or calendar associated with the account. This transition typically occurs about 60 days after you finish at Dartmouth. (See Leaving Dartmouth for more information.) Alumni who want to continue to receive email sent to their address must set forwarding to an outside account, such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

For those alumni who have not already set a forwarding address (or don't know if you have) you can do so by contacting the Alumni Help Desk or by logging into to the Dartmouth Directory Manager at

A email address is available to all alumni - even those who left Dartmouth prior to the implementation of the BlitzMail system.

Last Updated: 7/15/14